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Cerakote has two distinct types of thermal barrier coatings. The first is Insulkote, which provides a superior thermal barrier for internal and external exhaust systems. Performance properties include; heat transfer reduction, shielding as a base coat under topcoat applications, and maximum corrosion protection after being exposed to high temperatures. When used as a base coat, Insulkote greatly extends the performance properties of the topcoats. Formulated for heat transfer, Insulkote
increases performance and horsepower by increasing
heat scavenging during the exhaust cycle. The satin
smooth finish increases exhaust gas velocity while being
able to withstand temperatures in excess of 1800F.
Insulkote has also been known to lower radiant
temperatures between 400-600F.

Piston Coat is the second type of thermal barrier. This coating is designed to provide thermal barrier protection for piston domes, the corresponding combustion chambers, and valve faces. This specialized formulation withstands detonation impact while reducing surface temperatures and increasing combustion chamber efficiency. Piston Coat may also be used for other thermal barrier applications such as exhaust systems.
Inside/outside exhaust pipes
Automotive firewall
Industrial equipment
Insulation applications
Recommended uses for Piston Coat:
Thermal barrier
Thin film
Corrosive environments
Firewall heat shield
Recommended uses for Insulkote: