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Cerakote™ Micro Slick is a (dry) film lubricant that withstands high temperatures and
extreme pressures. This coating lubricates, resists wear, and acts as an anti-seize agent
while preventing galvanic corrosion. With this unique composition, Micro Slick is virtually
unaffected by temperatures ranging between 800-1200°F. Retaining excellent coefficient
of friction where most solid (DRY) film
lubricants fail, Micro Slick’s formulation
prevents surface-to-surface contact, thus
reducing friction and wear between
mating surfaces. The exceptionally high
shear resistance of Micro Slick enables
surfaces to operate with extremely low
Recommended uses:
Piston skirts
Valve stems
Hydraulic ram
Hinge pins
Internal firearm parts
Crank shafts
Wheel hubs
Plug valves
Bearings and races
Gear assemblies
Rocker arms
Ring & pinion
Die cast aluminum tooling