If It's Metal...We Can Ceramic Coat It!
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Cerakote™ high temperature ceramic coatings provide a highly polished, chrome-like finish that withstands high heat oxidation, while protecting the metal substrate. This ceramic coating provides thermal stability along with flexibility, excellent adhesion, and superior corrosion resistance. High temperature ceramic coating is stable at temperatures up to and over 1200° F. Adding a thermal barrier to the inside of your exhaust lowers operation temperatures and provides corrosion resistance. In fact, Cerakote™ Ultra Performance Satin Metallics are able to withstand temperatures up to 2000°F. These coatings are available in Satin Silver, Titanium, Tungsten Grey, Gold, Mag Silver and Jet Black.

Recommended uses:
Exhaust systems
Sports and RV equipment
Marine and aircraft systems
Corrosive environments
Industrial equipment
Furnaces and stove pipes
Outdoor Fire Pits
Internal combustion engines
Available Colors: