If It's Metal...We Can Ceramic Coat It!
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The Cerakote Micro Clear™ series of coatings
represents years of developmental work that has produced a superior clear coating for the automotive enthusiast. Designed with the same backbone as the Ultra Performance Satin Metallics, Micro Clear coatings provide a long lasting finish for both decorative and performance automotive components. With remarkable characteristics of adhesion to a variety of surfaces and resistance tomost solvents and cleaners, Micro Clear keeps parts and accessories looking like new. Micro Clear is an exceptional sealer over polished metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. The coating of parts eliminates the need for maintenance and re-polishing of these metals. Micro Clear also has
remarkable adhesion over powder coating, paints,
glass and their substrates. Micro Clear is a great
Anti Graffiti coating, it simply wipes off with a clean
damp cloth. Powerful solvents may be used for
removing stubborn graffiti without damage to the finish.
Recommended uses:
Decorative fixtures
Metal store fronts
Polished metals
Motorcycle fuel tanks
Over powder coatings
Industrial tanks